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Choosing a meal replacement shake for weight loss can be challenging because there are so many good products on the market.  Most offer a variety of flavors to choose from and the ability to buy in bulk (measure and mix your own shakes) or to purchase individual, pre-measured serving packets.  A handful of products can be purchased already mixed and ready to drink, for those who simply can’t spend the two minutes blending their own before they head out the door!

When you compare meal replacement shakes and weight loss products, it’s essential that you are comparing similar products designed to be used for the same purpose.  You wouldn’t want to compare a vitamin rich, daily supplement juice drink with a meal replacement shake, for example, as they have two very different purposes.

Similar Weight Loss Meal Replacement Shakes

Similar products you can compare when choosing your meal replacement shakes include Shakeology, Herbalife, Slimfast, and Monavie.  Each of these products consist of a nutritional shake that you can make with water or milk or soy milk, and are designed to replace a meal or – after your weight loss goals have been reached – can be used as a daily supplement to ensure your body is receiving optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are hard to include in your every day diet.

Here’s a chart to help you compare some of the most popular meal replacement shakes:


Shakeology Herbalife Monavie Slimfast
Calories 140 90 190 190
Cholesterol 15mg 0 40mg 5mg
Sodium 100mg 140mg 180mg 200mg
Carbohydrates/Fiber 3g 3g 12g 5g
Carbohydrates/Sugar 9g 9g 7g 18g
Protein 17g 9g 18g 10g
100% All Natural Ingredients X


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