Shakeology vs Herbalife

Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix and Shakeology meal replacement shake have both similarities and differences in their ingredients.  Both are designed to be used in place of your regular meal, and offer a variety of nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals for optimum health and help individuals reach their weight loss goals.  If you’re not sure whether you should begin using Shakeology or Herbalife meal replacement drinks in your personal weight loss plan, here is some information to help you decide:

Ingredient Comparison: Herbalife and Shakeology

Herbalife – made with antioxidant vitamins C and E as part of over 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, Herbalife offers a healthy meal in a glass.  Along with 9 grams of protein and fiber per serving, Herbalife contains Aminogen(r) and bromelain and papain, all known to support the digestion of protein to make sure your body puts those 9 grams of protein per serving to use!  Herbalife offers a variety of different flavors so you can choose your favorites or keep a variety of meal replacement shakes on hand for a more interesting menu.  Choose from vanilla, chocolate, berry, fruit, coffee and others.

Shakeology – features ingredients from all over the world and more than 70 whole food ingredients per serving.  The vitamins and minerals in every serving are absorbed by your body at optimum levels due to the phytonutrients, prebiotics and digestive enzymes in every serving, too.  Shakeology comes in two primary flavors of greenberry and chocolate.

Nutrition Fact Comparison

To really understand what you’re putting in your body, you should always look at the nutrition label.  When considering one product over another, it’s a good idea to compare each of the nutrients with the same nutrient from the product you’re comparing.  If considering weight loss products like Herbalife and Shakeology, here are the most important nutrition facts to compare (these are for product only and do not include the milk or soy milk you may use to create your shake):

Shakeology:  140
Herbalife: 90

Shakeology: 15mg
Herbalife: 0

Shakeology: 100mg
Herbalife: 140mg

Carbohydrates/ Fiber:
Shakeology: 3g
Herbalife: 3g

Shakeology: 9g
Herbalife: 9g

Shakeology: 17g
Herbalife: 9g

Shakeology or Herbalife

Based on nutrient facts, if you have problems with cholesterol, you may be better off choosing Herbalife as a meal replacement shake, since it offers a shake that is cholesterol-free.  On the other hand, protein is an essential ingredient for successful weight loss, and Shakeology has larger amounts of protein per serving in addition to amino acids and enzymes which help your body absorb as much protein as possible.  Shakeology is a product which can be used long after you reach your weight loss goals, as a daily nutritional supplement to ensure you are receiving all of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to remain as healthy as possible, so some people decide using Shakeology as a meal replacement shake during weight loss and then continuing it as a daily supplement is a good way to reach health goals.


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