Drink Shakeology as Part of Your Weight Watchers Program

If you are currently using Weight Watchers to lose weight in Canada or the US, you may also be looking for a meal replacement shake to help accelerate your weight loss or add nutrients to your diet.  Shakeology Canada and in the United States offers a convenient way to increase your nutritional intake each day, while sticking to your points in the Weight Watchers program.

Weight Watchers Programs

Members of Weight Watchers count points.  Each person is given a certain number of points they can use per day, based on their current weight, age, fitness level, and weight loss goals.  Everything you eat is calculated according to points, with foods receiving point values based on the serving size, calories, fat grams, amount of fiber, and fat.  Point values are calculated differently depending on which Weight Watchers program you follow: Winning Points or PointsPlus.

How to Use Shakeology with Weight Watchers

Since Weight Watchers does not completely eliminate any foods, you can use any meal or snack as part of your weight loss program as long as you know how many points the food is worth.

Here’s how to count Shakeology Canada and US meal replacement shakes in your Weight  Watchers weight loss program:

PointsPlus: A Shakeology meal replacement shake mixed with water has a point value of 3 points in this program.

Winning Points: A Shakeology meal replacement shake mixed with water has a point value of 2 points in this program.

You can also make your Shakeology meal replacement shakes with other ingredients to change the flavor and consistency – including almond milk, skim milk, soy milk, fruit and even peanut butter.  The point values above are for Shakeology mixed with water; if you are going to create other recipes using the Shakeology products, don’t forget to calculate the points value of the other ingredients, too.

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